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Hi, I'm Daniela Varzim, Portugal based Product Designer. With 15 years of design expertise, I've honed my skills in web development, graphic design, and user experience. My work has spanned various sectors, from health, textiles and optics to augmented reality and video games. I bring a deep understanding of user-focused design and a strong background in creating management systems.
I define myself as a designer, but I've been always looking for new experiences and ideas to push myself to the edge of my abilities. I consider myself a very creative person. I can easily come up with a unique perspective about a certain issue due to my wide range of interests and hobbies. Problems don’t unsettle me – they inspire me instead.

I love what I do. I’m passionate and motivated to excel, and that's what allows me to always go the extra mile. To put it simple, I think that my best quality is the fact that I’m a fast learner. Even if I don’t have that much experience with a certain task, with a bit of guidance I’m able to accomplish it quickly.

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UNECO Creative Cities - UCCN'24@Amarante - Design Thinking Workshop

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network is first and foremost a space for collaboration and experimentation to invent the city of tomorrow. 

This year UCCN Annual Conference was held in Braga from  1 to 5 July 2024, under the theme “Bringing youth to the table for the next decade”. I was able to facilitate a workshop of Design Thinking in Amarante, on day 4 of the event. Along with other 9 facilitators, I was responsible to organize 200 people on the ideation of new features and events for Amarante city. 

30 Countries involved, more than 50 hours of preparation and lots of great ideas to improve the city for the next generations. This was the first of many events that will teach people how collaboration can bring ideas to life.

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VR Awards 2022

I'm proud to say that I've been part of this project that made it as a finalist for the #VRA22 (VR Awards 2022) in the "VR Enterprise Solution of the Year" category.


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